IGNOU BPAC-132 Study Material

Waiting for Ignou BPAC-132 Study Material? Here you will learn about the alternate of your textbook for BPAC-132. Here you can find BPAC-132 Administrative Thinkers study materials for Ignou free of cost.

There are two ways to get your BPAC-132 study material as mentioned below-

  • First’ wait for the post from the University.
  • Second’ Download the soft copy of BPAC-132 Book in pdf format.

This is applicable for all Undergraduate learners of BAG Public Administration course. And it is advisable not to wait for the textbook by post when you can download it from here. Instead of waiting, get your BPAC-132 e-book in pdf format and start preparing for the exams.

Learn more about IGNOU BPAC-132 Study Material-

Book Title: Administrative Thinkers
Book Code: BPAC-132
Publisher IGNOU
Authors of BPAC-132 English Medium Dr. Rajvir Sharma | Dr. Vijay Srivastava | Dr. Sanghamitra Nath | Dr. Vaishali Narula | Dr. R. Anitha |Dr. A. Senthamizh Kanal | Prof. Uma Medury | Dr. Sandhya Chopra |  Dr. R. Anitha | Prof. Alka Dhameja | Dr. B. Senthil Nathan | Ms. Daisy Sharma
Publishing Year 2020
Applicable for  This BPAC-132 study material is applicable for BAG Course under CBCS pattern. If you are enrolled for BAG Public Administration this book is applicable to you.

Not only Ignou, but the IGNOU BAPC-132 Study Material is also applicable for all State Universities, Open Universities. If you have CBCS pattern in your University this is applicable for you. Scroll down below to find the Download link for BPAC132 E-book in Pdf format.

Blocks and Units of this book:

Ignou BPAC-132 textbook English medium is divided into 5 blocks and 17 Units/ Chapter. See the details of the chapters in the below chart.

1 Kautilya 10 Herbert A.Simon
2 Mahatma Gandhi 11 Abraham Maslow
3 Woodrow Wilson 12 Rensis Likert
4 Fredrick W. Taylor 13 Fredrick Herzberg
5 Henri Fayol 14 Chris Argyris
6 Max Weber 15 Dwight Waldo
7 Mary Parker Follett 16 Peter Drucker
8 Elton Mayo 17 Yehezkel Dror
9 Chester Barnard

English Medium (Download Link)IGNOU BPAC-132 Administrative Thinkers

Download in Hindi Medium- IGNOU BPAC-132 प्रशासनिक विचारक

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