Ignou Assignment Front Page PDF Design- Download

Ignou Assignment Front Page Design in PDF

The Ignou assignment cover page must follow a specific format specified by the university. Remember to include a cover page with each tutor-marked assignment, and fill in the details completely. As an Ignou student, you all know that University asks every student to submit Ignou Solved Assignment work & you need a proper cover page for all your assignments.

Ignou students must submit Ignou Assignments in person at their study center for each subject and session. As you are all aware, IGNOU provides assignments and question papers that must be completed and submitted to your study center. If you have completed Ignou Assignments, you should now create an Ignou Assignment Cover Page (front page) for each subject.

Because most students are unaware of the proper Ignou Assignment Cover Page format, we have provided ready-made design samples. It is simple to download and print and you can fill in your details on it in your beautiful handwriting.

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Ignou Assignment Cover Page Format- Must Include:

  • Ignou Logo
  • Assignment Session
  • Student Enrollment Number
  • Student Name and Address
  • Program Code and Title Subject Code and Title (Assignment Number)
  • Code for the Study Center
  • Name of the Study Center
  • Submission Date
  • Student Signature

Without a proper Ignou Assignment front page, your study center will not accept the assignment work. Do not waste your hard work and make sure to attach the proper Ignou Assignment Cover Page.  

Download Ignou Assignment Cover Page PDF

Below are four designs for you to download and print for your Assignment front page.

Print the sample that is appropriate for your session on normal A4 paper after downloading it. You should stick to the same format throughout all of your subjects. Avoid using a separate format for every subject.

In conclusion, your assignment should be well-presented because it accounts for 30% of your final grade. Since “the first impression is the last impression,” you should take your time and create an attractive Ignou assignment cover page.

FAQ Related to Ignou Assignment Front Page

Q1. What details must be included on the Cover page of the Ignou assignment?
Ans. University Logo, Session, Name, Enrollment, Course Code, Assignment Code, Center Code, Student Address, Mobile, Email & Signature.

Q2. Should I keep the Ignou assignment cover page as well as the assignment answers in handwriting?
Ans. It is not necessary to keep the front page in handwriting; it can also be typed. However, your signature must be unique. Also, keep the information in clear fonts.

Q3. What kind of paper do I need for the Ignou Assignment Cover Page?
Ans. You should print the Ignou Assignment Front Page on A4 paper and fill in the details in your writing.

Q4. Is there a specific format that the University requires for the Ignou Assignment front page?
Ans. You can use any of the above formats.

Q5. Where Should I Turn in My Ignou Assignment?
Ans. You must turn in your Ignou Assignment work for all subjects at your study centre or regional centre. All submitted work must be xeroxed for future reference.

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