Ignou- Indira Gandhi National Open University | Admission Process, Exams, Study Materials & Assignment Guidance

Ignou (Indira Gandhi National Open University): Many students in our society are deprived of Higher Education. May it be due to family reasons, or financial problems. Sometimes they are engaged in service or business activities, Ignou is the hope for them. 

The basic aim of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is to provide higher education through distance learning. With over 3 million students across the world, Ignou has become the world’s largest open university of its kind. If you have left your education for any reason after senior secondary (class 12th) you may continue further education through Ignou. 

Are you Interested to apply to Ignou?

Before moving further, You must read this article properly. here we have discussed everything about Indira Gandhi National Open University.

Establishment of IGNOU:

The journey of this University began in 1985 with the central govt. And named after the prime minister Indira Gandhi. Ignou is a Central Open University which was started after the parliament of India passed the Indira Gandhi National Open University Act, 1985 (IGNOU Act 1985).

Initially, University was allotted a budget of 2 crores.

Let’s understand what type of Courses or Degrees are awarded by IGNOU. Indira Gandhi National Open University awards the following 5 types of programs-

Degree Duration
Certificate Course 6 Month’s
Diploma 1 or 2 Year’s
Bachelor Degree 3 Year’s
PG Diploma 1 Year’s
Master Degree  2 Year’s


Recognitions & Approvals

Some of the students are dubitative about the validity of Ignou which is just a misconception. Ignou is Valid in the private sector as well as all Central or State Government Jobs. 

There is no point doubt the validity of Ignou, this is the most credible Open University in India offering distance education. 

UGC & DEB: Indira Gandhi National Open University (Ignou) is a UGC Recognised Central Open University. It also has approvals from Distance Education Bureau (DEB).

AICTE: All India Council for Technical Education recognises technical courses like BCA, MCA, MBA etc.

AIU: The Association of Indian Universities (AIU) too recognises IGNOU conferred degrees as on par with the degrees conferred by its members.

Ignou Admission Process

There are two admission cycles in Ignou, one starts on 1st July and the second starts on the 1st of January each year. Students can apply in either of these admission cycles. 

Admissions to Ignou are taken through the following selection processes: 

  1. Direct Entry (Most Common)
  2. Through Entrance Exam (For Some Courses)

How to Apply to a Program at Ignou?

Let’s understand Ignou Admission Process in a Few Simple Steps: 

  • First thing first; check out the Particular Course Eligibility Criteria. If eligible, then proceed further
  • Click on this link or copy URL in your browser: https://ignouadmission.samarth.edu.in/ 
  • On this page, you need to click on NEW REGISTRATION and complete the registration process with your Name, Email and Mobile Number. (You need to choose Password so that you can log in future)
  • After Registration, you will go to the main Admission Page and Select the program.
  • Fill in the Further details Required & Upload the relevant Documents
  • Pay the Fee & Confirm the Admission

This is the simple one-window application process for all Ignou aspirants. You will receive the Ignou admission confirmation email on your registered email id. You may also check your Ignou Admission Status with the Enrollment Number Generated.

Have patience, you will get an Enrollment Number after your documents get verified and accepted by the Admission team.

What about Ignou Study Material?

Right after admission, students need to study material for the course applied for. Indira Gandhi National Open University provides Textbooks (Study Materials) by post to every student. 

After admission, generally, it takes 30 to 60 days for the arrival of your learning material to your address. Sometime it may take longer than usual time.

Type of Ignou Study Materials Available for the students?

Ignou learning materials are the key factors to your performance in the exams. Therefore’ you need to find the best available option.

There are five types of learning resources available for the students that one can use to prepare for exams.

Type of Learning Material Source to getting
Ignou Textbooks Download Link
Gyandhara Internet Audio Counseling Service Click to Join
Ignou Youtube Videos Link to Watch
Swayamprabha Channel (Here you will get Learning Videos for Many Courses) Link to Watch
Ignou Help books/ Guide Books (When exams are approaching & have less, can go for this) Click to Buy

*Indira Gandhi National Open University (Ignou) keeps on improving the learning system & explores the new ways of making students learn.

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Ignou Assignments

Assignments are the homework (Tutor Marks Assignment-TMA) which is mandatory to submit for all courses and all subjects for every student. 

Ignou Assignments carry 30% weightage to your final marks. This means, that 30% of total scored marks in Assignments + 70% of the total marks scored in your theory exam will be added to your final mark card.

This is the first requirement to be eligible for exam form filing. So you must take it seriously and submit all your assignments in time.

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Ignou Exam Process

Once you have done your Ignou Assignment work, now you are ready to fill Ignou Exam Form. Without applying for exams, you will not be eligible to sit in Term End Exams.

How to Fill Ignou Exam Form?

Again this is simple and online. All you have to do is- 


  • While filling Ignou Exam Form, you can choose 3 centres in the priority order 1 to 3. University will allocate any one exam centre out of these three.
  • And Exams are taken twice a year
  • Most probably 1st June is the start date for July Admissions and 1st December is the exam start date for Jan Admissions.
  • Students can choose the nearest study centre at their convenience. 

Click here to Learn-

How to Apply for Ignou Re-Admission after Passing the 1st Year?

Ignou Re-Registration Process: Ignou does not promote you to next year after passing a year or semester. You have to fill Re-admission / Re-Registration form. 

Here you can understand how to apply for Re-Registration for next year- 

  • Login to Samarth Portal with the same Email ID and Password Created account while first Registration- https://ignou.samarth.edu.in/index.php/site/login 
  • You will see RR (Re-Registration) option on the dashboard. 
  • Click on it, Choose your Subjects and proceed to Pay the Re-Registration Fee.
  • Now you have to repeat the same process: Submit Assignments, Fill Exam Form before the last date and appear for the exam.

Facilities for the Students from IGNOU

Multiple Learning Resources: Indira Gandhi National Open University provides multiple platforms to make your learning efforts easy. Presumably, you have read the study material section above. 

Study Centers: Ignou allots a Study Center for each student where you can clear your doubts. Weekly classes are given by experienced teachers. You may avail of this facility to improve your knowledge and enhance your chances to score better marks.

Ignou Placement Cell: Post qualification, students also have the chance for Job placements. Ignou has a dedicated placement cell which helps students get jobs. For more details, you may check- what are the placement chances after graduation from Ignou?

Library: University also has library set-ups in different locations, although you will not find it in every location. But yes, there are certain cities where you have access to Ignou Library.

Student Grievances Redressal Cell: To address your concerns, and issues there is centralized student grievances redressal cell. Students can approach for help in case of any dispute or problems related to Ignou.

Is there any IAS officer after graduating from IGNOU? (Celebrity Students from Indira Gandhi National Open University)

If you believe distance education is for deprived or low performing students, you are in dilemma. Here are the list you will come to know that some very famous and successful personalities are qualified from this Open University.  List of IAS & IPS officers who are graduated from IGNOU.

Some Notable Alumni of Ignou are the following-

  • Keshvendra kumar: He is IPS from Bihar, he possesses BA Hindi Honours Degree from Indira Gandhi National Open University.
  • Himanshu Kumar: He is IAS Officer. He too belongs to Bihar. Comes from Champaran districts. He has done MA in Public Administration from IGNOU.
  • Ashok Khemka: He is an IAS officer from Haryana. He was in the limelight when he cancelled the Controversial Vadra Land Deal in Haryana. He has completed his MA in Economics from Ignou. 
  • General Deepak Kapoor: He was the Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army from 2007 – 2010. The General has completed his master’s degree in Business Administration from IGNOU.
  • Kumar Ravikant Singh: is an IAS Officer from Bihar. The lad secured admission at IGNOU after clearing Class 12th and also took up a job simultaneously. Thereafter, Kumar took as well as cracked the Civil Services Exam. 
  • Sudipta Chakraborty:  She is an Indian actress who mostly works in Bengali cinema. Hailing from the city of Kolkata, Bengal, She has completed her graduation in English from IGNOU. post which she went ahead to build a career in films.
  • Biswatosh Sengupta is one of the most highly qualified alumni of IGNOU who is an Indian academic. Among the various degrees that he possesses, Biswatosh has completed his PG Diploma in Creative Writing in English, Diploma in Computer in Office Management, and MCA from IGNOU.
  • Deepika Padukone: She is a famous Bollywood actress, who was admitted to Ignou for the BA Sociology program. However, she could not complete it because of his modelling career aspiration.

Hope! After reading this, you might have cleared the illusion that Ignou is for deprived or less serious students. No, this is the myth, not reality! Ignou has given notable alumni who are highly successful in their life. 

Is an MBA from IGNOU a valued one or not?

Any degree including MBA from Indira Gandhi National Open University has the equal value what other University degree has. If you are planning to do MBA from IGNOU, you must go ahead.
MBA from IGNOU gives you flexibility to upgrade your qualification while working. And it is acceptable world-wide.

Conclusion Statement

Furthermore’ Ignou continuously improves a few important things to benefit the learners. i.e.

  • technology-driven infrastructure,
  • developing futuristic distance learning models,
  • and expanding its reach to remote areas of the nation.

Furthermore, You will be surprised to learn that Ignou offers education to prisoners as well. University has learning centres inside the jail campus as well. The Conclusion of the story is that IGNOU is helping millions of deprived students in such an excellent way. 

For this, they really deserve thumbs up. Choosing Ignou for higher education is indeed a great decision.

Learning while working makes you well prepared for your future endeavours. We have accommodated the majorly asked questions about Ignou in this article. Hope this will be useful for all of you. Good Luck