IGNOU BAG Assignment- How to Score Good Marks

Hey Ignou student, here are some important updates and information about IGNOU BAG Assignment. After reading this article you will have an idea on- How to score good marks in Ignou BAG assignments.

As you know that recently IGNOU scrapped its old syllabus for all Bachelor degree programs. Now they have whole new syllabus for BA, BCOM, BSC. courses.

The new syllabus is based on CREDIT BASED CHOICE SYSTEM. In short it is CBCS Syllabus. In this you have choice of subjects from different sections like language, ability enhancement etc.

To Know More you can refer the article: IGNOU CBCS SYLLABUS COMPLETE DETAILS.

All About IGNOU BAG Syllabus

CBCS based Bachelor Degree courses are divided in three section- Arts, Commerce and Science.

  • BAG stands for Bachelors of Arts (General).
  • BCOMG stands for Bachelor of Commerce (General)
  • BSCG stands for Bachelor of Science

Ignou BAG Course consist of 172 credits in whole. There are following choices available as an Specialization for BAG students to choose from-

  • History
  • Economics
  • Political Science
  • Hindi
  • English
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Public Administration

All About IGNOU BAG Assignment

All Ignou Students enrolled for BAG course need to submit Ignou BAG Assignment every Year/Semester. For each subject in your course you need to write Tutor Mark Assignment work.

Furthermore Remember the following while preparing for your assignment work-

  • Last Date: For July 2019 admission – 31 March 2020
  • Last Date: For January 2020 admission- 30th September 2020
  • Answers should be written in your own handwriting only, print or typed not acceptable.
  • Use ruled white paper available in the market.
  • Write it with proper presentation. (Refer this link for assistance- IGNOU BAG Solved Assignments)
  • Attached a cover page for your assignment- Download Ignou Assignment Cover Page
  • Submit this to your Study Center on time and Collect the submission receipt as well.
  • Don’t forget to keep a xerox of your handwritten work for future misshapen.

BAG Assignment marking and weightage

most important here is to know the marking and weightage for the assignments. Ignou gives 30% weight to your assignment work. Hence you should pay proper attention on it.

30% weight means: Suppose you get 70 marks in Assignment then 30% of it mean 21 marks will be added in your final marks.

If you score 70 marks in your theory exam then 70% of it (49) will be added to your final marks. This way 21+49 total final marks will be :70

So student must take this task seriously, because this performance will increase your final percentage.

Marking system of the University for Assignment is strict and you should mind the following-

  1. Neat and Clean Handwriting.
  2. Explain your answers with proper reference.
  3. Use headings and sub-heading to segment the answers.
  4. Pay equal attention to all part of the questions.
  5. Remember the word limits-Do not overwrite and do not underwrite
  6. Do not copy from text book- Do research and present proper answers.

there is a myth among students that more pages will bring more marks in assignments. that is false. this is myth, instead of increasing number of pages focus on quality of the answers. Examiner or tutor don’t have much time to read number of pages. Marking will be on the basis of the quality and to the point answers.

This was all about IGNOU BAG Assignments and presentation. Hope you will take the benefit of this article and score well.

Wish you good luck



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