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Download Ignou BPSC-101 Study Material: On this page, you may download Ignou book BPSC-101 Understanding Political Theory. This particular textbook for subject code BPSC-101 is available in Hindi medium and English Medium.

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In fact, BPSC-101 textbook titled Understanding Political Theory is a core course elective subject for BA Political Science. Let’s know some more updates about this textbook.

About BPSC-101 Understanding Political Theory

Actually “BPSC-101” is a subject code for the textbook. And the title of the book is- Understanding Political Theory. others information like Authors, publisher & ISBN is as follows.

Authors & Writers:

Ignou Book BPSC-101 English Medium is a writing result of the following personalities. They have a contribution to this textbook.

Dr. Rajendra Dayal, Dr. Satish Kumar Jha, Dr. Divya Rani, Prof. Tejpratap Singh, Dr. N D Arora, Geetanjali Atri, Shailendra K Pathak, Dr. Raj Kumar Sharma, Dr. Rachna Suchinmayee, Dr. Surinder Kaur Shukla, Dr Raj Kumar Sharma & Advocate Divya Tiwari.

And BPSC-101 राजनीतिक सिद्धांत की समझ Hindi Medium written by the following members.

अत्री, गीतांजली | अरोरा, एन. डी. | झा, सतीश कुमार | तिवारी, दिव्या | दयाल, राजेन्द्र | पाठक, शैलेन्द कुमार | रानी, दिव्या | शर्मा, राज कुमार | शर्मा, राजकुमार | शुक्ला, सुरिन्दर कौर

Publishing Details of Ignou Book BPSC-101:

Publisher Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi
Publish Year November 2019
ISBN (Hindi Version) Awaited
ISBN (English Version) Awaited

How to Download BPSC-101 Study Material pdf?

This is very simple. below we have divided it into two columns. one for Hindi medium another for English medium. You can download BPSC-101 Hindi medium unit-wise and English version Block-wise. Download link is given on each unit and block.

BPSC-101 Hindi Medium BPSC-101 English Medium
खण्ड-1 राजनीतिक सिंद्धात का परिचय Block-1 Introducing Political Theory
  • Unit-1 What is political theory: two approaches-normative and empirical
  • Unit-2 What is politics: study of state and power
खण्ड-2 राजनीतिक सिद्धांत के दृष्टिकोण Block-2 Approaches to Political Theory
  • Unit-3 Liberal
  • Unit-4 Marxist
  • Unit-5 Conservative
  • Unit-6 Feminist
  • Unit-7 Post-modern
खण्ड-3 लोकतंत्र का व्याकरण Block-3 The Grammar of Democracy
इकाई-8 लोकतंत्र का व्याकरण
इकाई-9 लोकतंत्र, प्रतिनिधित्व और उत्तदायित्व
इकाई-10 प्रतिनिधि लोकतंत्र और इसकी सीमाएं
इकाई-11 भागीदारी और मतभेद
इकाई-12 लोकतंत्र और नागरिकता
  • Unit-8 The Idea of democracy
  • Unit-9 Democracy, representation and accountability
  • Unit-10 Representative democracy and its limits
  • Unit-11 Participation and dissent
  • Unit-12 Democracy and citizenship

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