Ignou Book BHIC-101 History of India –I

Are you looking for Ignou Book BHIC-101? Check this page to download Ignou BHIC-101 Study Material in PDF. This article gives you the download link for Ignou Textbook-History of India–I English & Hindi.

And this is a Core Course subject for BA History Honours. This subject is applicable to all Ignou students studying BA History first semester.

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About Ignou Textbook BHIC-101

Before proceeding to download section you should know some basic information about this book. This is applicable to Ignou Students opting BA History Honours. Ignou Book BHIC-101 is the first-semester textbook. Indira Gandhi National University New Delhi is the publisher of this BHIC-101. It is published in 2nd week of Mar 2020.

Title and Subject Code:

  • Subject Code is BHIC-101
  • Book Title of Ignou book BHIC-101 English is: History of India –I
  • Title of Ignou Book BHIC-101 Hindi : भारत का इतिहास- १

Authors and Contributors:

ISBN of BHIC-101

  • For Hindi Medium: Not Known yet
  • For English Medium: Unknown

Download Links for BHIC-101 Study Material

English medium textbook for BHIC-101 comprises of 4 blocks and 19 units. Download link available on each block. Hence you should click on the Blocks to save pdf.

Hindi Medium BHIC-101 में 4 ब्लॉक और 19 यूनिट शामिल हैं। प्रत्येक ब्लॉक पर डाउनलोड  लिंक उपलब्ध है। इसलिए आपको पीडीऍफ़ को सेव करने के लिए ब्लॉक्स पर क्लिक करना चाहिए।

BHIC-101 English

BHIC-101 Hindi

Block-1 Reconstructing Ancient Indian History Coming Soon
  • Unit-1 Geographical regions and sources
  • Unit-2 Prehistoric period
  • Unit-3 Hunting gathering societies
Block-2 The Advent of Food Production and Harappan Civilization
  • Unit-4 The Neolithic phase
  • Unit-5 Harappan civilization-I
  • Unit-6 Harappan civilization-II
  • Unit-7 Harappan civilization-III
Block-3 Vedic Period and Cultures in Transition
  • Unit-9 Vedic Period-II
  • Unit-10 Emergence of Iron
  • Unit-11 Intellectual developments and asceticism
  • Unit-12 Jainism, Buddhism and Ajivikas
Block-4 India : 6th Century BCE to 200 BCE
  • Unit-13 Janapadas and Mahajanapadas
  • Unit-14 Alexander’s Invasion of the Northwest
  • Unit-15 Rise of Magadha
  • Unit-16 The Mauryan ‘Empire’
  • Unit-17 The Mauryas
  • Unit-18 Attitudes towards environment, science and technology
  • Unit-19 Gender perspectives : women in early India

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