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Those students who are doing BA Hindi honours can download Ignou BAHDH study materials here. Not only Ignou BA Hindi Books but complete syllabus guide available here on a single page. BAHDH is Ignou course code for BA Hindi honours program.

Let’s define the course code-BAHDH
BA= Bachelors of Arts
HD= Hindi
H= Honours

Before you scroll down to download Ignou BAHDH study materials below we would you to understand your course well.

Know your Ignou BAHDH Complete Syllabus

Ignou BA Hindi honours program is a new course under CBCS pattern. You already know cbcs means- choice based credit system. This is a three years undergraduate degree course, where you will study specialized subjects related to Hindi Sahitya.

What is the syllabus for Ignou BAHDH Program?

बी.ए. हिंदी ऑनर्स कुल १४८ क्रेडिट वाला प्रोग्राम है। जो निम्नलिखित ५ श्रेणियों से निर्मित है –
१. अनिवार्य पाठ्यक्रम (Core Course): 48 Credits
२. विषय विनिर्दिष्ट ऐच्छिक (Discipline-specific elective course) : 24 Credits
३. योग्यता सवर्धन पाठ्यक्रम (AECC-Ability enhancement compulsory course) : 8 Credits
४. कौशल सवर्धन अनिवार्य पाठ्यक्रम (SEC- Skill enhancement course): 8 Credits
५. जेनेरिक ऐच्छिक (GE- Generic elective course): 24 Credits

पूरा कार्यक्रम गाइड डाउनलोड करें-

What subjects to Study in entire BA Hindi honours course?

The answer is here- Total 148 credits are required to complete by each student to get awarded with a BA Hindi Honours degree. You should complete this course (BAHDH) within 3 years time. Maximum 6 years are allowed to complete the subjects in case you are unable to complete in 3 years.

Below is the complete chart for all Ignou BA Hindi Books (Ignou BA Hindi Honours)

Ignou BAHDH Syllabus

Semester अनिवार्य पाठ्यक्रम
(CC) 6 क्रेडिट
विषय विनिर्दिष्ट ऐच्छिक (DSE) 6 क्रेडिट योग्यता सवर्धन पाठ्यक्रम (AECC) ४ क्रेडिट कौशल सवर्धन अनिवार्य पाठ्यक्रम (SEC) ४ क्रेडिट जेनेरिक ऐच्छिक (GE) 6 क्रेडिट
1st Sem BHDC-101
BEVAE-181 BSOG-171
2nd Sem BHDC-103
BHDAE-182 BGDG-172
3rd Sem BHDC-105
BANS-183 BSOG-173
4th Sem BHDC-108
BPCS-186 BPCG-174
5th Sem BHDC-111
6th Sem BHDC-113
Total Credit 84 Credits 24 Credits 8 Credits 8 Credits 24 Credits
  • 1st Semester= 22 Credits
  • 2nd Semester= 22 Credits
  • 3rd Semester= 28 Credits
  • 4th Semester= 28 Credits
  • 5th Semester= 24 Credits
  • 6th Semester= 24 Credits
  • Total 148 Credits throughout the entire BAHDH Course.

How to download Ignou BAHDH Study Materials (Ignou BA Hindi Books)

Ignou BAHDH Study Materials for 1st Semester:

Ignou BAHDH Study Materials for 2nd Semester:

Ignou BAHDH Study Materials for 3rd Semester:

  • BHDC-105
  • BHDC-106
  • BHDC-107
  • BANC-183

BA Hindi Book for 4th Semester:

  • BHDC-108
  • BHDC-109
  • BHDC-110
  • BPCS-186
  • BPCG-174

Ignou BA Hindi Books for 5th Sem:

  • BHDC-111
  • BHDC-112
  • BHDE-141
  • BHDE-143

Ignou BA Hindi Honours Books for 6th Semester:

  • BHDC-113
  • BHDC-114
  • BHDE-142
  • BHDE-144

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