What are placement chances After Graduation from IGNOU?

If you are studying in Indira Gandhi National Open University and taking some professional or non professional course here, one question must be tickling your mind, and the question would be, what are placement chances after graduation from IGNOU? This is a very obvious question and it should come in your mind while taking courses from any university or institution, not just the IGNOU.

Talk about the placement chances of IGNOU student after finishing their course, then the tough and the truthful answer for the same is that the chances are not much. However, if you are a student of good caliber and scoring good grades in the course you are pursuing, then it is not like your degree is worthless and your degree won’t get the same value as the degree of a regular student receives. But, here it is extremely important that you work hard and put the best efforts to score good in term exams as well as main exam.

Now, when it comes to scoring good grades in exams of IGNOU, it is not that easy. The university has a positive reputation in India as well as internationally, because of the pattern of a study and exam it follows. It is said that only those students are able to score good grades in university who study really hard.

If you are pursuing any course in IGNOU and unable to score good marks even after devoting many hours in study, then you can take the help of Ignou Study Materials available at the platform like trendmagnet.in, the study material is very helpful for exam preparation.

IGNOU Is Taking New Initiative For Placement

Indira Gandhi National Open University is the oldest and one of the most reputed open universities in India. It offers different professional and regular courses in different subjects and streams. The University has some strict guidelines as far as the study, exam and assignment is concerned.

It is not like IGNOU authority is are not serious about student job placement who are pursuing courses from here. The University has taken many initiatives in recent days to ensure that students receive good job offers. And to some extent University it has accomplished a decent amount of success in its initiative, but so far it is more centric to professional courses. The  placement chances with the regular graduate program is still not much, however, this is not just the case of IGNOU, this is true with other universities  as well.

The students pursuing the regular graduate program from the any other University of India do not get job placement assurance. The campus placement options are mostly there with the professional courses, just like the IGNOU University.

IGNOU Placement Cell.

http://www.ignou.ac.in/ignou/aboutignou/icc/cpc/Registration%20Portal here is the link for you where you can register for Placement as well and IGNOU will be providing you relevant Job opportunity based on your academic scores.

Though there is no Guarantee that you will get placed but yes IGNOU is the largest Open University in the world and it has a reputation. So you have bright chances of the placement. If we go in history we will find that there a number of students got placement opportunity from the IGNOU Placement Cell.

The Difference Between IGNOU And Other Open University

IGNOU is the most reputed open universities and it has received this reputation because of its education and examination process. One has to study really hard to score good grades if studying in IGNOU and thoroughly follow the course content. The same is not true with other open universities.

What If You Are Unable To Score Good Grades?

If you are unable to score well in exams even after trying hard or do not have much time for study, then you can take the help of trendmagnet.in Ignou study materials to prepare for the exam. This study material is prepared by the experts of the respective subjects and it is helping many students in scoring decent marks. You can get trendmagnet.in Ignou study materials for almost all the courses offered by the university, they sell the study material online at the pocket friendly price.

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