NIOS vs. CBSE Value : which is better and why?

NIOS vs CBSE Value: As there arises a lot of confusion among students while opting the board for secondary qualifications. NIOS vs CBSE which is better for you to choose a board for your secondary education? Is NIOS a good option? these are some of your genuine concern.

No worry, after reading this article you will have complete idea about these queries. In this article, we have tried to answer all the questions like-

  • is NIOS a good option?
  • NIOS vs CBSE value?
  • disadvantages of NIOS?
  • NIOS vs CBSE which is better?

Basically, on the national level, there are two important boards offering secondary and Sr. secondary education in India. one is NIOS which is open board another is CBSE which is a regular board. Though there are several state boards that do not make national presence yet they offer regular study.

About CBSE

Firstly, arises our CBSE which describes itself as CENTRAL BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION. CBSE confides as a board which was formed up in 1952, and it was designated for the students of schools of different countries. The main reason for the formation of this board was to bring all the students to a single education pattern.

Having studied under the different pattern in schooling bring ups the many issues when a student joins the college. Students are facilitated with a lot of facilities in CBSE board. They need to attend regular classes in CBSE pattern. Students can score maximum through grade system in the board.

About NIOS:

Eventually arises our NIOS board which describes itself as National Institute of Open Schooling. It was designated for the students, who are unable to attend regular classes due to some issues.  In order to fulfil their dreams to complete their schooling while completing other liabilities & sitting at home. NIOS in a National board having presence across India. It offers lots of flexibility like-

  • online study in digital mode
  • on-demand exams (student can book a slot for exams online as per their need)
  • Two exams a year (1st in April 2nd in October)


Now literally let’s have a conversation upon the value of these boards of education. NIOS vs CBSE value enrols about the evaluation and value of the education boards. If we converse about the value of boards of education then the Central Board of Secondary Education matters and values much more than NIOS. There is a reason: in CBSE board students attend classes regularly which enables them to be in touch with the syllabus and topics taught to them by their teachers or tutors.

The major benefit provided is that a student can pursue an education in Nationalized Institutions rather than state institutions. Students who pursued education from CBSE board can prepare for medical exams. Secondly, if we focus on the view of NIOS board than it is beneficial for students but it specifies the students who want to study from home. As the students do not attend classes regularly.



  • It emphasizes a skill-based syllabus.
  • allows conduction of grade XII exam along with engineering and medical exams.
  • It surely and basically focuses on co-scholastic activities along with skills till grade 10.
  • CBSE has worldwide acceptability.
  • It allows students to be within regular touch with their syllabus.
  • Enhances the interaction between teachers and students.
  • Students can clear their doubts on the spot as they are allowed and advised to attend regular classes.


  • CBSE uses NCERT syllabus and demand of the hour is to keep it updated and maintain the standard the content.
  • Board is based on the grading system that creates grading issues. for the instance- if you have score 91% and your friend has scored 96% even though both will get grade A.
  • In the grading system some time you will be grouped in the same grade while your score may be better than your colleagues.
  • The syllabus needs to upgrade for more competitiveness.


IS NIOS GOOD OPTION? Well, this is a nationally approved board for secondary and Sr. Secondary. And you get much more flexibility to compare to CBSE. And the value of the certificate is almost the same.

  • No need to attend regular classes.
  • NIOS offers weekly classes through the study centre.
  • The syllabus is easy to understand.
  • NIOS gives a higher percentage to a student with flexible ncert syllabus.
  • Board Provides NIOS learning materials in digital mode, video lecturers ect.
  • Flexibility is the core value of NIOS- May it be an on-demand exam or two-time exam in a year.
  • NIOS also offers the facility to appear for exam same year in October if you fail in the main exam in Mar-Apr.
  • Yes, this is valid for all government job applications and higher education.


  • The major disadvantage of this board is that students cannot clear their doubts on the spot.
  • They have to wait surely till their visit to weekly classes or from other sources.
  • It decreases the interaction among teachers and students.
  • NIOS needs to focus on query resolution centre, this is a major drawback. Therefore students have to run here and there due to no proper information distribution channel.

NIOS vs CBSE Value- Conclusion:

So dear students, hope you understood the difference between NIOS and CBSE. As far as NIOS vs CBSE value is a concern, both boards are serving their purpose well, though some improvements always needed.

in my suggestion, you should choose CBSE if you have no other obligations and can afford to study on a regular basis. The regular study opens up more ways for you. As students come from a different section of society and it is great social learning together.

Is NIOS a Good Option?

If you have some personal obligation and issues and can’t afford regular studies, NIOS is the best for you. This is the world’s largest open board, with good recognition and after all, you get the same qualification at the end.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”
..Malcolm X

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  1. Nice Information , this is very informative blog about NIOS. have learn a lot about difference between CBSE board and NIOS from your blog and from Sailee International School.


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