Download Ignou Project Sample for Reference Purpose

It is a good idea to check Ignou Project Sample before jumping for the preparation. Are you one of those Ignou students who need to submit Ignou Project Report synopsis? If yes then you might be worried and have many questions in your mind. like- where to get Ignou project proposal sample? how to prepare ignou project? how the final project report looks like? etc.

To solve your worries’ we have given below some Ignou project samples for your reference so that you get a clear picture on how to prepare Ignou project synopsis? we would also like to inform you about some basic points on Ignou project preparation like-

  • The project report or project synopsis you need to prepare on A4 size paper
  • It should be in typing form
  • And it should not be handwritten
  • project length should be of minimum 60-70 pages
  • You final project report synopsis should be a hand binding booklet
  • refer the below sample in pdf format

We have posted here a brief article on how to prepare good Ignou project report synopsis. which you may refer for more detailed information.

Ignou Project Sample

It is just an illustration of your project report. You are not supposed to download the same and submit it as it is. There is a defined process and you should follow it as per the University guideline. Remember the following-

  • Select a Topic relevant to your subject and course.
  • Discuss the selected Topic with your Supervisor.
  • Who is your Project Supervisor? it the Coordinator of your study centre or as assignment by him.
  • After discussion and finalization of Topic, you should submit the synopsis on the topic.
  • Your Supervisor will approve it and then you should start your research work.

Let’s take a look at the below Ignou Project Sample Report sheet.



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  1. Looking for IGNOU MBA Project and Synopsis…….


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