Important IGNOU Contacts: Know whom to Contact in Ignou

Ignou students often need supports and looking for Ignou contact details to contact for their queries. Here our team have tried to provide you all Important Ignou Contacts.

IGNOU is present at National level hence it has distributed roles and responsibilities to different section. You need to choose the proper channel so that you get timely response.

If in case you try to contact to wrong person or department you might not receive reply. therefor it is advisable that you must know whom to contact for what? Ignou has three hierarchies as follows-

  1. IGNOU Main Campus: It is the boss place the head of all, located at Maidan Garhi Saket, Delhi (This is called Main Ignou Campus. Being a head all the administrative decisions are taken from main campus only.
  2. Ignou Regional Centers: this is at second position. Ignou have one regional center in every state. Roles of Ignou regional centers are are as follows-
    1. Regional center coordinate with Main Campus and Study centers.
    2. Deliver Ignou study materials to students by post.
    3. Change in subject or course.
    4. Any discrepancies in enrollment can be corrected here.
  3. Ignou Study Centers: in the hierarchy tree this at the lowest position. Role of Ignou study centers-
    1. To provide weekly classes to students (on Saturday & Sunday).
    2. study center is also your exam Center.
    3. You submit your tutor marks assignment at your study center only.
    4. Provide guidance to students time to time.

To whom to contact in IGNOU

  • For online admission?
    Ans. Visit:
  • Whom to contact if Ignou Study Materials Not received? 
    Ans. Connect to your Regional Center
    (List below) or you may contact to Material production unit on these number- 29572008, 29572012, 29572013 (use STD code 011 before)
  • where to submit Ignou Tutor Marks Assignments?
    . Contact your Study Center (List of study center attached below)
  • Whom to contact regarding Assignment marks issue? or Assignment marks not updated?
    Ans. Visit your study center or call- 011 29571319.
  • Whom to contact for Project marks related queries?
    Ans. Call 011 29571321, 29571324
  • What is student service center Number of Ignou?
    Ans. Student Enquiry Numbers: 011 29572513, 29572514 or Contact May I Help you– 011 29572218

Ignou Regional Centers & Contact Details

Ignou operates with supports of its regional centers and student supports centers. Currently there are following numbers of centers working for Ignou and supporting students.

  • 56 Regional Centers (RCs)
  • 11 Recognized Regional Centers (RRCs) which includes-
      • 6 IGNOU-Army RRC
      • 4 Ignou- Navy RRC
      • 1 IGNOU-Assam Rifles RRC
  • About 2000 Student learning support center which is also known as Ignou Study Center.

below you will see the complete details of all Important Ignou Contacts like Regional centers name, Address, email id, mobile numbers and websites. These Ignou contacts will be very helpful to solve your query in your region.

Click here to check Name and Contact details of IGNOU Regional Centers in your location.

Ignou Study Centers

To know your study center, please click link below. Once you click on the link you will get a pdf. See your regional center and click in front of that. Now all the study center under that particular regional center will open.

Check Your Study Center- Click here


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