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Ignou BMTC-132 Study Material: Ignou BSCG learners looking for Ignou Book BMTC-132 will find this post helpful. If you have still not received your textbook “Differential Equations (अवकल समीकरण)” by post, here is the solution.

Here in this article, you will find the download links for Ignou BMTC-132 study material English Medium & Hindi Medium.

This is your BSCG syllabus textbook which you can download and save in any digital device. Also, you may take a printout and use it as your regular book.

One of the best benefits of downloading eLearning material is that you have the flexibility to study anywhere anytime using your smartphone. If you have still not received delivery of your Ignou BTMC-132 study material, we would recommend you to download it.

Instead of wasting time, you should start preparing early.

About Ignou Book BMTC-132: Differential Equations (अवकल समीकरण)

First of all, you should read the quick info about BMTC-132 study material/book. Here we go-

  • Authors/Contributors Details
    • BMTC-132 English Medium: Poornima Mital, Sujatha Varma,
    • BMTC-132 Hindi Medium: पूर्णिमा मित्तल, सुजाता वर्मा,
  • ISBN for Ignou book BMTC-132
    • English Medium: 978-93-89668-86-5
    • Hindi Medium: 978-93-89668-87-2
  • Publisher: Ignou
  • Publishing Year: 2020
  • Applicable for: Ignou students studying BSc. General course under CBCS pattern. This is a Mathematics elective subject of BSCG.

Download link- Ignou BMTC-132 Study Material English medium

Below are the links to download English medium book for BMTC-132-Differential Equations. This textbook has 4 blocks, and you should click on each block to save the pdf. Out of these 4 blocks, you will get 17 units/chapters.

Download link- Ignou BMTC-132 Study Material Hindi medium

इंग्लिश मध्यम की तरह हिंदी मध्यम BMTC 132 पाठ्यपुस्तक में आपको ४ ब्लॉक्स डाउनलोड करने हैं. इन्ही चारों ब्लॉक में आपको सभी १७ अध्याय मिलेंगे। आप इन सभी ब्लॉक्स को एक फोल्डर में सेव करें ताकि आपको खोजने में सुविधा हो।

खंड-1 दो या तीन चरों वाले फलन
खंड-2 प्रथम कोटि साधारण अवकल समीकरण
खंड-3 द्वितीय और उच्चतर कोटि साधारण अवकल समीकरण
खंड-4 प्रथम कोटि आंशिक अवकल समीकरण

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