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Ignou eBook BEGC-101 “Indian Classical Literature” is available now for the students. If you are a BA English Honours student, this Ignou BEGC-101 study material is for you. Instead of waiting for the physical delivery of this book from University, you should download it from here.

Ignou BA (H) English Course BAEGH is a three-year undergraduate degree in English Honours. First of all, here are some essential information related to Ignou BEGC-101 study material for you.

About Ignou eBook BEGC-101

  • Subject Code: BEGC-101
  • Title of the Subject: Indian Classical Literature
  • Authors/ Contributors to BEGC-101 Textbook: This textbook is a result of the following personalities who have contributors:
    Bajaj, Richa | Prakash, Anand | Ranganathan, Balaji | Yangzom, Kalsang | Lahiri, Debosmita | Yangzon, Kalsang
  • ISBN: Unkown
  • Publisher: Indira Gandhi National Open University, Delhi.
  • Publishing year: 2020
  • This book consists of 4 blocks and 16 Units. Most importantly there are a total of 197 pages in Ignou eBook BEGC-101 including all units. This is a core course subject and you will get 6 credits out of this subject.

How to download Ignou eBook BEGC-101 from fybblog?

In order to download study material for BEGC-101, you should follow the instructions below-

  • Check the below-given block names & units.
  • Click on the download link of each block below.
  • Pdf file will open after clicking on the link.
  • Save it in a particular folder to find it easily later on.

Block-1 Kalidas: Abhijnana Shakuntala. (first block of BEGC-101 textbook includes the following 4 units.

  • Unit-1 Indian aesthetics: an introduction
  • Unit-2 Kalidasa: an overview
  • Unit-3 Abhijnana Sahkuntala: textual analysis
  • Unit-4 Abhijnana Shakuntalam: character analysis and critical perspective

Ignou BEGC-101 study material- Block-1 Download Link

Block-2 Vyas: Mahabharata

  • # Unit-1 The Mahabharata: an overview
  • $ Unit-2 The dicing from the book of the assembly hall
  • # Unit- 3 The sequel to the dicing: a reading
  • #Unit- 4 The temptation of Karna from the Udyog Parva

BEGC-101 textbook Block-2 Download Link

Block- 3 Sudraka: Mrichchhakatika

  • $ Unit- 1 Sudraka and his play Mrichchhkatika: an introduction
  • # Unit- 2 Mrichchhkatika: plot structure and analysis
  • $ Unit- 3 Thematic concerns in Sudraka’s Mrichchhkatika
  • # Unit- 4 Mrichchhakatika: facets of characterisation

Ignou eBook BEGC-101 Block-3 Download link

Block- 4 Cilappatikaran

  • $ Unit- 1 Sangam Literature: an introduction
  • # Unit- 2 Cilappatikaran: a textual analysis
  • $ Unit- 3 The divine, the human and the immortalised characters in Cilapattikar
  • # Unit- 4 Akam and Puram poetry in Cilapattikaramam

Download BEGC-101 Textbook Block 4

So’ this was about Ignou BEGC-101 study material.

Similarly, you can download more Ignou BA English Honours Book here.

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