Download Ignou BCOC-132 Book

If you are Ignou Student and you are enrolled for for BCOMG course in July 2019 or then-after, you can download Ignou BCOM New Syllabus book for BCOC-132 Business Organisation & Management. These are the genuine Ignou Syllabus book in PDF format available for you free of cost.

This book is for Course code- BCOMG and subject code is BCOC-132, Subject Name: Business Organisation and Management. Below are the links given block-wise which you can download and start learning.

Download Ignou BCOC-132 Book – Business Organisation and Management Book- English Medium

  1. Block-1 Foundation of Indian Business
  2. Block-2 Business Enterprises
  3. Block-3 Management, Organisation and Control
  4. Block-4 Communication, Motivation and Leadership
  5. Block-5 Functional Areas of Management

Download Link- Ignou BCOC-132 Business Organisation and Management Book- Hindi Medium

Download BCOC-132 Study Material in Hindi Medium (व्यावसायिक संगठन और प्रबंधन). Follow the links below

  1. खंड-1 भारतीय व्यवसाय का आधार
  2. खंड-2 व्यावसायिक उद्यम
  3. खंड-3 नियोजन तथा निर्णय लेना
  4. खंड-4 सम्प्रेषण, अभिप्रेरण और नेतृत्व
  5. खंड-5 प्रबंध का कार्यकाल क्षेत्र
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    • Only soft copy available right now for this particular subject, for others even Soft copy not yet released.
      So you need to wait for sometime and see. Normally Ignou send Hard copy if you choose hard copy while applying online.


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