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If you have not yet received your BBYCT-131 study material by post, we would suggest you download it here. Download your Ignou book BBYCT-131 free from here. This book is applicable for IGNOU BSCG Program under CBCS pattern.

Before going forward to the download section please learn about- BBYCT-131 Textbook.

About BBYCT-131 Study Material

  • Book Code/Subject Code: BBYCT-131
  • Title of the Ignou Book BBYCT-131
    • English Medium: Biodiversity (Microbes, Algae, Fungi and Archegoniates)
    • Hindi Medium: जैव विविधता (माइक्रोब्स , एल्गी , फंजाई , और आर्किगोनिएट्स)
  • Authors & Contributors of BBYCT-131 Study Material
    • English Medium: A.K.Kavathekar, Jaswant Sokhi, Amrita Nigam, Swati Omanwar, Pooja Sinha Gokhale,
    • Hindi Medium: ऐ. के. क़्वाथेकर, जसवंत सोखी, अमृता निगम, स्वाती ओमनवार, स्वदेश तनेजा, पूजा सिन्हा गोखले
  • ISBN
    • English Medium: Not known
    • Hindi Medium: 978-93-89668-41-4
  • Publisher: Indira Gandhi National Open University (Ignou) Delhi
  • Publishing Year: 2019

You can download this Ignou book BBYCT-131 in Hindi medium and English Medium. Below are the links for you.

Download Link: BBYCT-131 Biodiversity Book in English Medium

English version of BBYCT-131 Study Material is available in six blocks. And all these 6 blocks includes 22 Units. below are the links to download this book block-wise and by downloading all six blocks you will get the complete book with 22 units. You need to click on each block to begin download.

  1. Block-1 Microbes
  2. Block-2 Algae
  3. Block-3 Fungi
  4. Block-4 Bryophytes
  5. Block-5 Pteridophytes
  6. Block-6 Gymnosperms

Download Link: BBYCT-131 Study Material in Hindi Medium

Likewise English version the Hindi also available in blocks. There are six blocks and 22 units. In order to begin with the download, you need to click on each block as mentioned below.

  1. खंड-1 सूक्ष्मजीव
  2. खंड-2 शैवाल
  3. खंड-3 कवक
  4. खंड-4 ब्रायोफाइट्स
  5. खंड-5 टेरिडोफाइट
  6. खंड-6 जिम्नोस्पर्म्स

Let’s Sum Up:

We understand that sometimes you do not receive the physical copy of your Ignou study materials. Hence we provide you with easy download links. This will help you in preparing your Ignou assignment and exams timely.

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