Ignou BAPAH Books- Syllabus & Study Material for BA Public Administration

All Ignou student pursuing Public Administration honours would love this post. Here you are going to get Ignou BAPAH Books for all subjects. Get the Complete Ignou BAPAH Study Materials and Syllabus all at one place.

Though Ignou tries to deliver study materials by post yet it may take time. Or possibly you might not receive it on time. Therefore this is indeed a good idea to download your Ignou BAPAH Study Materials from here. Not only books but also the complete guidance on Ignou BAPAH syllabus is available for you.

We understand well that you need these textbooks for the following purposes:

  • In order to prepare your Ignou BAPAH Assignments.
  • To prepare for your upcoming term-end examination.
  • Some students preparing for UPSC exams may also find these books useful. So-

First of all, let us learn about the Syllabus of BA Public Admin.

Ignou BA Public Admin. Syllabus

This section will give you detailed information about Ignou BAPAH Syllabus. After reading this you would understand the complete point system for this program.

Note the following points:

  1. Duration of this program is a minimum of 3 years.
  2. Your admission will be valid for Maximum 6 years and you must complete all subjects.
  3. BAPAH Program is under Credit Based Choice System.
  4. You need to earn a total of 148 credits to complete the BA Public Administration Honours Degree.
  5. In order to earn 148 credits, you will study 26 subjects throughout the six semesters.
  6. Ignou BASOH Syllabus is a combination of 5 categories as follows-
    • 14 Core Course Subject (CC)- 6 Credits each
    • 4 Discipline-Specific Electives (DSE): 6 Credits Each
    • 4 Generic Electives (GE): 6 Credit Each
    • 2 Ability-enhancing compulsory courses (AECC): 4 Credit Each
    • 2 Skill Enhancement Course (SEC): 4 Credit each

Let’s understand Ignou BAPAH syllabus with the semester-wise illustration of the subjects.

1st Semester: Ignou BAPAH Study materials for First Sem

In BAPAH first semester, you will study 4 subjects. 2 Core course subjects, one AECC and one Generic elective subject. That makes you earn 22 credits in the first semester. BA Public Admin honours 1st Sem books are the following.

Ignou BAPAH Books: 2nd Semester

In the second semester of BA Public Admin Honours You will study 4 subjects. Those are equivalent to 22 Credits.

  • 2 core course,
  • one AECC,
  • and one Generic Elective (GE).

You have two subjects under the AECC category and you can choose anyone out of those two. Download links for 2nd Semester Ignou BAPAH Books are active on each title.

Subject Code & Title Category
Choose any one in these two: AECC
BGDG-172 Gender Sensitization: Society and Culture GE



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