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Ignou BANC-102 Study Material: BANC-102 is applicable to the student studying BSC Anthropology. Ignou offers three years honours bachelor degree in Anthropology. Subject code BANC-102 is the second subject from BSC Anthropology syllabus.

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Essential information about Ignou book BANC-102

Let’s have a look at the useful information about this book.

    • Subject Code: BANC-102
    • Title of this Ignou Book BANC-102:
      • Hindi Medium: सामाजिक एवं सांस्कृतिक मानवविज्ञान का परिचय
      • English Medium: Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology
    • Authors & Contributors
      • Hindi Medium: चन्ना, सुभद्रा मित्रा | श्रीवास्तव, विनय कुमार | 3रुखशाना जमान | पांडेय, केया
      • English Medium: Channa, Subhadra Mitra| Srivastava, Vinay Kumar |Zaman, Rukshana| Pandey, Keya
    • ISBN for Ignou BANC-102 study material
        • Hindi Medium: 81-978-93-89969-12-2
        • English Medium:
  • Publisher: Indira Gandhi National Open University
  • Publishing Year: 2020

Download Ignou BANC-102 English Medium

English version of the book banc102 comprises of 4 blocks and 13 units. Download option available block-wise. below are the 4 blocks, with download links. Click on each block to download the file.

Download Ignou BANC-102 Study Material in Hindi Medium

If you have selected Hindi medium here are Links to download Hindi version of Ignou book BANC102. Hindi version is also available block-wise. Follow the below table, click on each block to download it.

Note: These books are in PDF format (Portable Document Format). If you do not have pdf software on your computer or mobile please download it first.

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