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Are you an Ignou Student and doing BA Economic Honors from distance Learning? if your answer is YES then this page will help you find Ignou BA Economic Books. Get here Ignou BA Economic (BAECH) study materials for all subjects in pdf format. Also, you will perceive your Ignou BAECH Syllabus.

BAECH: is a course code for BA Economic Honours. If you have taken admission for Economic honours from Ignou you will get complete information about BAECH Study Material and Ignou BA Economics Syllabus.

First of all’ let us know about the Syllabus for BA Economic Honours course.

Ignou BAECH Syllabus

As you know’ IGNOU is the world’s largest Open University. Hence University offers BAECH program under distance more.

Important about this course:

  • Ignou offers BA Economic honours degree under CBCS pattern.
  • This is a three years Undergraduate degree program.
  • You will get Maximum 6 year to complete this course.
  • Ignou follows the credit system for offering BA Economic honours program.
  • One credit is equal to 30 hours of learners’ study time.

To earn a BA (Honours) Degree in Economics, you need to earn 148 credits in six semesters (three years).

  • First and second semesters: you will have to complete 22 x 2= 44 Credits
  • Third and fourth semesters: 28 x 2= 56 Credits
  • Fifth and sixth semesters: 24 x 2 = 48 Credits

Syllabus of BA Economics (Honours) have a mix of courses. For earning 148 credits, a student has to study courses from the following categories:

  1. Core Courses (CC)
  2. Discipline-Specific Electives (DSE)
  3. Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (AECC)
  4. Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC)
  5. Generic Electives (GE)

The following chart will show you the complete Ignou BAECH Syllabus. Check to know your subjects semester-wise:

Semester Core Course DSE Ability/Skill Course Generic Electives Total Credit
1st Sem
  • BECC101
  • BECC102
  • BEVAE181
  • BSOG171
22 Credits
2nd Sem
  • BECC103
  • BECC104
  • BEGAE182
  • or
  • BHDAE182
  • BPAG172
22 Credits
3rd Sem
  • BECC105
  • BECC106
  • BECC107
  • BPCS185
  • BPAG173
28 Credits
4th Sem
  • BECC108
  • BECC109
  • BECC110
  • BECS184
  • BPAG174
28 Credits
5th Sem
  • BECC111
  • BECC112
  • BECE141
  • BECE143
24 Credits
6th Sem
  • BECC113
  • BECC114
  • BECE142
  • BECE144
24 Credits

How to Download Ignou BA Economic Books? (BAECH Study Material)

In this section, you will find a complete BA in Economic Books semester-wise. Follow the chart for the same. You need to click on the book title to go to the download page.

BA Economic eBooks for First Semester Subjects

BA Economic eBooks: Semester 2

And here are BAECH Study Materials for Semester-3 

  • BECC105 Intermediate Microeconomics I
  • BECC 106 Intermediate Macroeconomics I
  • BECC 107 Statistical Methods for Economics
  • BPCS 185 Developing Emotional Competence
  • BPAG 173 E-Governance

4th Semester Ignou BA Economic Books

  • BECC108 Intermediate Microeconomics II
  • BECC 109 Intermediate Macroeconomics II
  • BECC 110 Introductory Econometrics
  • BECS 184 Data Analysis
  • BPAG 174 Sustainable Development

5th Semester Subjects for BA Economics

  • BECC111 Indian Economy I
  • BECC 112 Development Economics I
  • BECE141 Economics of Health and Education
  • BECE 143 Environmental Econometrics

6th Semester Subjects for BA Economics 

  • BECC113 Indian Economy II
  • BECC 114 Development Economics II
  • BECE142 Applied Econometrics
  • BECE 144 Financial Economics

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