IGNOU Assignments Preparation Tips

To make it accessible to more and more students, the University has initiated decentralization process and set up five zones which includes North, South, East, West and North East.  In India, headquarters and 40 other countries, approx. 3 million students have been enrolled in IGNOU.

What is an Assignment?

All students enrolled with the University for Undergraduate or Graduate program has to submit yearly tutor course work to evaluate the student’s performance this is called assignment which is evaluated by the subject teacher, this assignment marks play essential role in final exam marks as well, if on failed in assignment work he cannot be consider passed even after passing out the yearly examination.

Where to download the question paper for the Assignment work?

Ignou University has a specific webpage for the students where every student can visit and download the respective assignment question paper for the particular session/year. Here is the link for you https://webservices.ignou.ac.in/assignments/  by clicking on this link you will land to the page where you could download your subject question paper, these are not yearly examination question paper but only Tutor Assignment Question paper for Ignou. This webpage is updated twice a year with the new Assignment question papers.

Where to get assistant to prepare your Valuable Assignment Answers?

Many people and many websites offer the Ignou Assignment solution guide some offers paid service and some free of cost and you need to be wise while selecting one, here is the link of where you can buy the solved assignment guide at very nominal cost and this really helpful to prepare your assignments and the quality of the material is good. http://findyourbooks.in/category/ignou-assignments/ Follow this link and select the subject you need solve assignment for, you just need to do ADD TO CART and then proceed to check out, you will be asked for several information like your Name, Email ID, Mobile and address for one time registration purpose once done you will be taken to the payment gateway page, you may now make payment through debit card/ credit card/ Net banking etc. These are the samples how to write your answers in best way possible, you need to write your own words to get the good marks out of this, you really need to mind your writing and clarity while writing the answers that will certainly give you extra mileage. For more details, you may contact to the customer support number given on the website.


Hope the details given above would be beneficial to all the students. Best of Luck.


by Abhishek Aryan

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