How can I pass NIOS exam? Is it difficult?

Well, if you are searching the answer of “How can I pass NIOS exam? or you want to learn “is NIOS Exam Difficult” here are some expert guidance for you. I am here to answer the most frequently asked questions about NIOS Exams, many of you are keen to know about the exam patterns and how easy is to clear NIOS Exams.

How to Pass NIOS Exam with Ease?

Look first of all, I would be frank to tell you that board exams are neither easy to clear nor too hard to clear. But if you feel you can clear it without proper study or good techniques then you are day dreaming.

You can very easily clear NIOS Board Exams if you follow certain points. In this blog I have given few but very effective techniques to clear the NIOS Exam easily. if you follow these advises then you will say that NIOS board exams are no difficult.

So’ lets begin with-

1st: Selection of the Subjects

Mind the subject selection and choose the subjects which you feel can be easy to understand without external tutor help as this board is an Open board and no regular classes are given this is self-study model. Physics, Chemistry, Math and Accountancy these four subjects are there for which you need expert coaching as self-study is not enough to clear these subjects. So, choose these subjects unless this is really required for your higher study programs.

2nd: Collect Study Materials from the Center

There are two types of NIOS study materials available for students.

NIOS Textbooks

Once your admission is done with NIOS they dispatch all your subject books by post at your correspondence address.

In case you do not get it in 60 days of your admission you may ask for the same from your study center. Also, you may download NIOS Textbooks online.

NIOS Guide Books or NIOS Help Books

Textbooks are lengthy and you need to give proper time to study them well. There are some easy solution called “NIOS GuideBooks” available online. And these guide books for NIOS student are handy to prepare for exams. These will include the Sample model papers, previous papers and prospective question answers for each chapters.

So these could be helpful to prepare for the exams with ease.

3rd: Attend Weekly Classes:

Classes on weekend are offered to every student enrolled with NIOS through its authorized study centre, so rather choosing private tutors you need to join these classes on regular basis and these helps a lot. Reason is these teachers are well aware about the NIOS exams and they can give best guidance but if you are lucky and get a good teacher. Most of the time you won’t get good teacher.

4th: Download last 10 Year Question paper:

Believe me if you can mug up with last 10 years question papers properly I can guarantee you to get first class in your NIOS Exams, 10-year question papers are available online on some websites.

Click this link to download download them 

5th: Effective Writing Trick:

If you want to know “How can I pass NIOS exam Easily” than you must follow this effective writing tricks.

First of all, Read the Question properly and check the asking length of answers. if question demand answers in 500 words you make sure to write in 600 words minimum. All the subjects are checked thoroughly so do not mistake to write Bollywood songs here.

Note the important points below-

  • Write Answers in Proper Length (Write 100-200 words extra than asking work limit in question papers)
  • Write Headings in Dark Pen, No Need to write Question but Question Number must be Written properly.
  • Leave 3-4 lines Gap when answering new question.
  • Highlight the Key points by making Underline or Using Dark Pen (Examiner check the Headings and Key Points first and if you can impress him/her with headings, definitions & quotes, you have chance to get good Marks)
  • Attempt the easiest question First so that you get time to think on others which are not well prepared.

Always write relevant answers, in case of doubt use your presence of mind and think for some relevancy in you answer. Never write anything casually cause that is total waste of time.

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  1. I am student of Nios 12 Sr.secondary. but after received my enrolment no ..soryy to say not to received the study materials as on now..
    My .request .pl sen my study materials ASP
    ENROLLMENT NO…M46001203101
    Academic year..2020-21
    Contract no….9073789699

  2. I’m giving my nios data entry exam again cause I failed last time but my friend passed I don’t know how I just saw her enjoying havin fun and there I was in home and I got failed


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