“Frequently Asked Questions About NIOS D.El.Ed. Assignment”


Q1. Is it compulsory to write Assignment in Own Handwriting?

Ans. YES, it must be in your own handwriting, cause the purpose it to make you memorise the Amswers. SO You Must Write it in your Own Handwriting.

Q2. Where to Submit the Handwritten Solved Assignment?

*Ans.*It has to be Submitted to the Coordinator of Study centre Allotted to you at the time of Admission.

Q3. Is there any Format for Cover Page for Assignment?

Ans. Yes ! NIOS need the assignments to be submitted with proper Cover Page so that your Marks Can be Updated with your record.

Q4. How to get the Format of NIOS D.El.Ed Assignment Cover Page?

Ans. Here is the Link to Download the Appropriate Cover Page for NIOS D.El.Ed. Solved Assignments. Link:   Download

Q5. What is the Last Date for Assignment Submission?

Ans. If you are going to appear for exams in April/May 2018– Last date of Submission is January 31, 2018.

If you are going to appear for exams in October/November 2018 –Last date of Submission is July 31, 2018.

Q6. Can I Copy The Answers from somewhere to write the Answer? Will I get Marks if it is Copied?

Ans. No You Should not Copy from somewhere but you can study and write the amswers from your own thoughts.

Q7. Do I need to keep a Photocopy of Each Assignment with me?

Ans. Yes You Must Keep a copy of Your Handwritten Assignment for just in case of any issue you can re-Submit the same to avoid hassle.



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17 thoughts on ““Frequently Asked Questions About NIOS D.El.Ed. Assignment””

  1. As your instruction we have to submit the assignment in our study centre but yet I don’t get Whr is our study centre or coordinator even it’ has not mentioned in our application copy which we get or identity card also ..so can u help to find how can we know our study centre ?

  2. Sir for the assignments writing what are the paper we are going to use…?
    1. Is it A4 size blank paper or
    1. CaN we used single line paper

    • You Need to Use A-4 Size Paper with lining (Ruler Page)
      You must add Cover Page as prescribed. You can download the sample from above post.

  3. I used A4 size paper and drawn left margin and top margin is it correctn or wrong or i should draw four side margin. Please tell me


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