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Best IGNOU Help Book Comparison- This blog is a complete guide for Students who are pursuing Degree Programs from IGNOU- India Gandhi National Open University through distance mode. If you are doing a course from IGNOU, you must be looking for IGNOU Help Books. because there are very limited study materials available for IGNOU Exam Preparation.

Difference between IGNOU Text Books & IGNOU Guide Books or Help-books?

In general, IGNOU provide text books to every student based of the syllabus however sometime there is stock shortage at IGNOU. Also, the exam preparation is not easy from these text books because these text books provides detailed (lengthy) lesion which is not so easy to mug up with.

Keeping these challenges in mind some publications prepare IGNOU guide books based on the University syllabus. These guide books will be in simple question and answer format based on IGNOU Exam pattern. Short, Medium and Long Answers are given in these Help Books which are good and easy for exam preparation.

Type of IGNOU Help Books / Guide Books Available?

Students there are not much options available in the market for this segment, there are two major Publications indulge in publishing IGNOU Help Books. First one is Neeraj Publications and Second One is Gullibaba Publication House, both are based in Delhi. Some regional publications may also be publishing the guide books for IGNOU but those seems not popular and not came to light as of now.

Both of these publications claims having their own expert panel to prepare the guide books, based on the IGNOU Syllabus and examination pattern.

Now let’s talk about which one among these two publications leading the edge in student’s review-

Best IGNOU Help Book Comparison-

This is little tough question however based on the student’s experience and rating the Guide Books offered by Neeraj Publications takes leads on Gullibaba, there are few point below to be noticed before purchasing IGNOU Help Books from these Publications-

Age of the Publications: Neeraj Publications is older then Gullibaba Publications house hence it has more experience.

Updated Syllabus: Both the Publications provides Guide Books on the base of Latest IGNOU Syllabus.

Popular among Student: Neeraj IGNOU Books are more popular among the students then GPH IGNOU Books. Neeraj Publication covers 65% market where GPH reaches hardly 35% students.

Writing & Language: Neeraj Publication Books are written in easiest form compare to GPH, More easy to understand and more easy to learn however some students are fond of Gullibaba Books and they demand only GPH books.

Previous Year’s Solved Paper: Neeraj Provides maximum 6 years old paper (Solved) while GPH provides Previous 10 Years Question papers but only few are Solved.

Paper Quality: Neeraj Books are in A4 size format and uses white paper with good quality where Gullibaba Publication House offer shorter book format and paper quality is not as good as Neeraj Publications.

Price Comparison: The most important factor is price, when compare price for both the publication’s guide books we find that Neeraj Publication offers more competitive rates then Gullibaba Publication for the same. Prices are higher in GPH with a difference of Rs. 10 to 25.


With the above comparison we tried to provide you the brief details about the IGNOU Help Books available in the market however it depends on your personal choice and behavior to decide and buy the good book for you, you may take advice of your ex colleague for a reference to make you findyourbooks with an ease.

According to our analysis we will rate Neeraj Books 8/10 and We will rate GPH Books 6/10



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