How to Prepare Good IGNOU Project Report?

In this blog post we will provide all the necessary details, Samples & information about How to write Project report for IGNOU. Most of the students choose IGNOU Project work instead of theoretical subject. Some courses (like BSW, MSW, MARD) by default requires some research/field work and those students have to submit a project report/ dissertation work on a particular topic relevant to their course of study.

What are the key factors and important points that you need to know for writing a good IGNOU Project synopsis? Below are some for your reference:

Step#1: Choose a Good Topic Relevant to your Course & Subject

Selection of topic is the Core part of any project or research work. First of all, topic must be relevant to your course and subject. Second thing it should be based on a public cause or it should be useful for masses, because research for benefit of one person is not so useful, so topic should address more people in number. Third point which is most important is “your interest”, means choose a topic of your interest so that you can give your 100% to it. Later you can discuss with your supervisor about the topic.

Step #2: Find a good Supervisor for your IGNOU Project

For preparing a project on a specific topic or a cause certainly you will need a guide, under your guide’s supervision you will prepare your project, a Good Guide is the guarantee of a perfect project/synopsis report. Now you will ask who can be my project supervisor/guide? Normally a faculty/professor or Academic Counselor of your program/course can be your project supervisor/Project Guide and under the guidance of him/her you will be preparing your IGNOU Project work.

Students are advised to select guides who are active professionals in the relevant area of the selected topic, i.e., if the topic is in the area of Finance, the guide should be a specialist in Finance and so on. Project Guides are also requested to restrict guiding projects in their core specialization area only. Please note that spouse, direct relatives, and blood relations are not permitted to be the guide.

Step#3: Prepare Ignou Project Proposal Performa & Synopsis for Approval

After selection of your project topic/cause and Finalizing your guide/supervisor the third most important part is to prepare project Performa for University approval.

    1. Bio-data of the Guide: A detailed bio-data of the guide (duly signed, in original, by the guide along with date). The bio-data of the guide must have the following information in absolutely unambiguous manner:
      • Name and Date of Birth of the guide.
      • Full Address and contact numbers of residence and current work place.
      • Detailed Educational Qualifications- clearly mentioning the Degrees (with specialization), name and address of the University/Institution and the year of award of degree/qualification, along with percentage of marks obtained.
      • Detailed work experience, stated clearly in chronological order having details of the designation, period, name and contactable address of the organisations.
      • Any other information relevant for assessment of the eligibility of the guide. You may also attach current business card of the proposed guide.
    2. The Synopsis of the proposed Project should essentially have the following:
      • Introduction, brief background, and Rationale of the topic chosen for the project
      • Brief Introduction and vital details of the organisation/s under study.
      • Statement of the problem.
      • Objectives of the Project (clearly stated in behavioral terms).
      • Research Methodology:
        • Research Design
        • Nature and source of data/information to be collected.
        • Sample and sampling technique. Rationale of chosen organisation and the sample.
        • Tools and Techniques to be used for data collection – details of the tools/questionnaire to be used and its relevance with the objectives of the project.
        • Method/s to be used for data collection.
        • Data handling and analysis- organisation and analysis of data. Statistical tools to be used for analysis. Relevance of statistical tools with the objectives of the project.
        • Limitation of the Proposed Project (if any)
        • Future Direction for further research (Optional)

Step #4: Determine the Project Report/Thesis Length:

After submission of project proposal Per-forma submission, IGNOU will convey you with approval or rejection in written within 3 month of proposal submission. After approval of your project proposal or synopsis you need to know the decent length of your project report. As far as IGNOU is concerned the University accept a reasonable length of project depends of the selected topic. Usually it should be about 70-80 double spaced pages or summarized in approximately 20,000 words.

Step #5: Writing Thesis for your Project

Now you have everything in your hand, you got the Topic, a Guide, Approved synopsis, now you can start writing the thesis for your project. Be mindful that your thesis should be based on reasoning and logical learning, findings around the main topic. Your Ignou project should be the combination of two important things knowledge and creativity. If you have knowledge, but you do not know how to bring it to the notice of your examiner, you may not get the marks you have expected.

  • Use proper diagram
  • graphical presentations
  • figures,
  • statistics,
  • charts, etc.

if and when applicable to make your knowledge spread beautifully and acknowledged easily. If you’re unsure how to write a thesis, don’t lose hope. Start writing from day one. It is important to write down whatever you do, and make notes of whatever you read. Documenting the whole process as you go will help you finalize the project in a very effective way. Don’t worry about writing things that are “wrong” or that don’t make sense. Remember, it only has to make sense once the whole project is finished. So even if it seems raw, keep on writing and get regular feedback from your supervisor.

Note the following important points:

      • Don’t Shy- Ask your supervisor.
      • Keep your plan realistic.
      • Do deep research on the topic as much a possible.

Step #6: Project Report Formulation

Now you will start working on your project formulation. The Project Report must have the following:

      • IGNOU Project Cover Page – must have the Name and Enrollment No. of the Student and the Name of the Guide, along with the
      • Title of the Project.
      • Detailed table of contents with page nos.
      • All pages of the Project Report must be numbered as reflected in the table of contents.
      • Approved Proposal (i.e., Project Proposal, approved proforma and bio-data of the guide) properly bound in the project and not just stapled. Please note that project with stapled Proposal will not be accepted.
      • Certificate of originality- duly signed by the student and the guide with dates.
      • Introduction to the Project and Review of Literature along with brief details of the organisation/s under study.
      • Rationale
      • Statement of problem
      • Objectives of the Project
      • Scope of the study
    • Research Methodology:
      • Research Design
      • Nature and Source of data/information collected
      • Sample and Sampling method with rationale
    • Details of the tools:
      • The Questionnaire and other methods used and their purpose
      • Reliability and Validity of the tools used
      • Administration of tools and techniques
      • Data collection
      • Handling Data, Statistical tools used for Data Analysis
      • Interpretation of Data and Findings
      • Recommendations
      • Summary and Conclusion
      • Limitations of the Project
      • Direction for further research (optional)
      • Reference/Bibliography
      • Annexures/Appendices (Questionnaire used etc.)

Note: Research Methodology of the Project Report must have elaborate detail of all the components of the methodology.

What are the Courses & Subjects Require Project/Research Work Synopsis?  In the below given table you will find the name of course and subject code for which IGNOU ask students to submit a project research work. Please note that one Project work is equal to one theory subject or sometime it could have equivalent to two theory subjects like MS-100.

Name of course and subject code to submit a project

Subject Code: MS-100
MA Pol. Science
Subject Code: MPSE-10
Subject Code: MPAP-02
Subject Code: MPAP-02
Subject Code: MCSP-060
Subject Code: MRDP-01
Subject Code: MESP-068
Subject Code: MCSP-060
Subject Code: BCSP-64, CS-76
Subject Code: PGDT-5
Subject Codes: ES-381, ES-382, ES-383
Subject Code: PTS-4, PTS-5, PTS-6, MTM-16
BDP Human Environment
Subject Code: AHE-1
BDP Elective
Teaching of Primary Mathematics
Subject Code: AMT-01
Subject Code: DNHE-4
Subject Code: DECE-4

*Click on Ignou Project Sample to See the live Samples of the projects.  

IGNOU Contact Details for Project related queries: Regarding your project queries IGNOU has a project cell to handle all the queries of student related to projects. Below are the details where you may call or email. Project Cell:

Name of course and subject code to submit a project
Contact: Issues related to:
Phone No: 011-29532294
Intercom No. 1313/1320/1321
E-mail: ;
All the queries related to your project, topic and Submission.



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