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Download Previous Year’s Solved Paper IGNOU – School Of Education

CERTIFICATE IN GUIDANCE NES-101 Understanding the Elementary School Child Download NES-102 Facilitating Growth and Development Download NES-103 Guiding Children’s Learning Download NES-104 Guiding Socio-Emotional Development of Children Download CERTIFICATE PROGRAMME FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF PRIMARY TEACHERS (CPPDPT) BES-051 Primary Education : Contexts,Concerns And Value Education Download BES-052 Facilitating Teaching-Learning And …

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Download Previous Year’s Solved Paper IGNOU – School Of Management

Preparatory Course in Commerce 1. PCO-101 Preparatory Course in Commerce Download Certificate- in Business Skill s/Bachelor’s Degree Programme 1. BCOA-001 Business Communication & Entrepreneurship Download 2. BCOA-001(S) Business Communication & Entrepreneurship Download   Certificate in NGO Management 1. BMS-001 Introduction to NGO Management Download 2. BMS-002 Management Functions Download 3. BMS-003 …

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Download Previous Year Solved Paper Ignou- Course-Wise

  1. School of Management Studies (SOMS) प्रबंधनअध्ययनविद्यापीठ(एसओएमएस) June2017 2. School of Education (SOE) शिक्षा विद्यापीठ (एसओई) June2017 3. School of Continuing Education (SOCE) सतत शिक्षा विद्यापीठ(एसओसीई) June2017 4. School of Health Science (SOHS) स्वास्थ्यविज्ञानविद्यापीठ(एसओएचएस) June 2017 5. Staff Training & Research in Distance Education (STRIDE)दूरशिक्षाकेलिएकर्मचारीप्रशिक्षणएवंशोधसंस्थान (स्ट्राइड) June2017 6. School …

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